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Ellen Melko Moore and Mark Fewsmith are students, teachers, and frequent challengers of the Law of Attraction. You might say they’ve each gone a few rounds trying to bend the fabric of the universe against its will, but in the end, LOA always seems to win. Laws of the Universe are like that.

Ellen is a writer, visionary brand business coach, and creative visualization expert. Some of her visualizations even come true. Others are still brewing in the metaphysical ether, and still others, well, it’s probably best for all of us that they stay in the realm of Unmanifested Possibility. A recovering English teacher, she balances her love for quantum spiritual wackiness with a healthy skepticism and deep love for elegant critical thinking. Ellen got her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Literary Studies from Northwestern University in Chicago, and most of a PhD from the University of Denver before she realized she just wasn’t cut out for academia. Whoops.
Ellen has studied and written on the Law of Attraction for the past 5 years and performs LOA experiments daily. Her favorites to date include the manifesting of awesome clients, inspirationally provocative co-creators, delicious new friendships, great sex, multiple streams of income, and the Fuzzy Blue Square project (“Please note these six things are not causally related,” she says). Her favorite blog is Hyperbole and a Half, and she hopes to return in the next life as Lil Wayne.

Ellen can be reached by email at moreellen888@gmail.com

Mark is an internet marketing guru and computer freak. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Wagner College and an MBA in International Business from Manhattan College. A Microsoft certified systems engineer since the days of Windows NT4, he is extremely well-versed in the lifestyle and habits of today’s increasingly versatile technology. But what he most loves about his mad tech geek skills is how they allow him to contribute and participate in today’s paradigm-shifting conversation about metaphysics and Law of Attraction.
In 1990, Mark started going to hear Eric Butterworth speak at Avery Fisher Hall in Manhattan’s Lincoln Center on Sunday. This was his first experience with Unity/New Thought. As a result, his focus and passion became learning and practicing all that he could apply in his newly expanding spiritual quest. In researching the pioneers of the New Thought movement he was captivated by the work of Emmet Fox, Florence Scovel Shinn, Dale Carnegie, and William James.
As Mark continued to attend Butterworth’s Sundays for the next 8 years, he began to experience amazing changes in his thinking and “perceived reality” as well as very noticeable changes in his relationships and finances. It became very, very clear to him that thoughts are indeed always in the process of becoming things. He realized that the choice to “feed” certain thoughts, and, equally important, to withdraw attention from other thoughts, made all the difference in how he felt, who he attracted as friends and lovers, an indeed every single aspect of his reality. At the end of 1998, he moved with his fiancee to Denver. Searching for a Unity church to continue his spiritual growth, he connected instead to Mile High Church and became involved with the Science of Mind, which is very closely related to what is taught at Unity.

Mark can be reached at mark@secret-lawofattraction.com
Ellen and Mark met up through their mutual participation in both Mile High Church of Denver and Landmark Education, although neither of these fine organizations is in any way responsible for the transformational Law of Attraction stew they will be stirring up on these pages. Like Louis XIV, their words are their own, but their actions are their ministers.

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