How the Law of Attraction Works

As a Law of Attraction “expert,” I have all the crazed enthusiasm of a recent convert. I’m actually a lot like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, when he gets all pissy with Han Solo for not believing in “The Force.” Just in case you’re a bit hazy on your Star Wars plots, here’s the analogy: Luke learns about The Force from his guru, Jedi master Obi Won Kenobi. Then we see him, like, two days later, judging his new friend Han Solo for being all ignorant about the Absolute Most Important Factor in the Universe.

the secret
“so true”

But that’s the thing about “The Force,” or, as The Force is known in some other circles, The Law of Attraction. Once you start to learn about it, you want to start playing with it. And once you start playing with it, stuff starts to happen that is very different from the previous stuff of your experience. And then, as your experience of life begins to shift and improve, you naturally want to share this with others—or you do if you’re like me and you are either: A) incredibly fond of your fellow human beings, or B) incredibly fond of the sound of your own voice while you are dispensing wisdom to others.

In essence, Law of Attraction is a universal law that “works” for everyone—but not everyone is aware of it. Here is  How the Law of Attraction Works,
The Law of Attraction
says that we get what we think about, whether we want it or not, because the Universe’s answer to all our thoughts is, “No problem. I can totally arrange that.”

 The Universe is sort of like an all-inclusive Sandals resort—once you pay for your package deal and get your Tiki bracelet, you can go anywhere you choose. But because the Universe is all-inclusive, Law of Attraction responds to All of Your Thoughts equally—It doesn’t hear “yes” or “no” (It doesn’t get down like that). It just makes sure you are fully supported in whatever experience you are choosing to have.

How the Law Of Attraction Works
Now, if you’re having consistent thoughts of joy and bounty and appreciation, this support is going to feel really, really good, and things are going to tend to go very, very well for you. And they’re going to get better and better. Which means you are going to have more things around you—more people, more situations, more resources, more experiences—that will confirm your good feelings about these subjects.

If you’re one of these people, you may think of yourself as “lucky,” or “blessed.” You may not be aware that Law of Attraction is supporting your vision of a beautiful life flowing with ease and grace. It’s like New Thought minister Michael Beckwith says, “The Whole Universe responds and corresponds to your song.”

If you are like most of us, however, it’s just possible that you might have gotten distracted from the absolute perfection of your experience, somewhere along the way. Maybe your parents were stingy with their own positive energy. Maybe you got picked last for kickball. Maybe your first love stomped on your heart and left you gasping in a dark alley. Maybe you made millions of dollars and then lost it all. At any rate, something happened, you got really hurt, and then made the largely subconscious decision never, ever, ever again to give your whole heart to something.

But if you’re going to become a Brilliant Conscious Master of the Law of Attraction, there’s just no way around it—you’re going to have to start to care more about how you feel than you do about anything else. It’s really hard to monitor your thoughts, but it’s fairly easy to assess your feelings. Your feelings will always tell you, in every moment, exactly how your current thoughts are blending with your deepest desires.

Feeling good? This means your thoughts are in alignment with what you want to create, allow, and attract into your life. Feeling bad? This means that you have, for the moment, become distracted by something YOU DO NOT WANT TO CONTINUE TO CREATE. Your emotions are like a GPS, constantly telling you if you are getting closer to your desire or farther away.You want to begin guiding your thoughts towards what you want, and away from what you don’t want. You want to begin turning the volume way, way, WAY up on what you want, and start turning it down, nice and gradual, on what you don’t want.We’re people, and as people, we like to make a big deal about the processes that nature takes for granted. But do yourself a favor and try to take this nice and easy—it’s okay if you take a temporary trip to Crazy Town or Poor Me City. These are fine places to visit. You just don’t want to live there.

How the Law of Attraction Works:
Law of Attraction isn’t going to hunt you down and kill you if you have a negative thought. Rather, negative patterns of thinking/feeling are a bit like bubble wrap. We are so cocooned in this buffer that we have no access to the wonder, the joy, the miracles, the laughter, the Absolute Insane Bounty of Awesomeness that is hovering just outside, wanting so badly to play with us.


By Ellen Melko  Moore