Law of Attraction Quote O’ The Day 11/7/16

Law of Attraction Quote O’ The Day 11/7/16


There’s a secret that real writers know that wannabe writers don’t, and the secret is this: it’s not the writing part that’s hard.  What’s hard is sitting down to write.  What keeps us from sitting down is Resistance.”

Steven Pressfield, author of The Legend of Bagger Vance  from  The War of Art:  Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

At first glance, you, Dear Reader, may feel a certain amount of Resistance of your own.  You might think, “Umm, I don’t care about writers or wannabe writers.  I’m reading this because A) I care about Law of Attraction and Manifesting and Getting Stuff I Want, or B) because I’m a close personal friend of Ellen and she twisted my arm.”

Here’s why I am asking you to care.  Your life, whether you tend to think of it this way or not, is a creative expression of Who You Are.  And, in any given moment, you are either fully in the flow of your creative power, enjoying your creations and plotting future creations with glee, or you are not.  And if you are not, you have our mutual friend, Resistance, to thank.

No matter what you are wanting to create or attract or manifest, there is pretty much one factor that determines how quickly and easily you will see it–and that is the level of Resistance you have built up in this area of your life.  When you want a glass of water, for instance, you probably don’t have to create a vision board or affirmation flash cards to get it.  Your inner relationship with “Glass of Water” has little to no resistance, so the glass of water comes quickly and easily into your experience.  If, however, you were to go to certain other parts of the world, this same exact glass of water could immediately become a challenge, a goal, an impossibility, a thing to strive for, to pray for.  You would talk to others who would confirm that glasses of water are, indeed, hard to come by, and they would add their own stories of their own struggles to obtain this elusive desired item.

Voila! Resistance is born!

From a Law of Attraction perspective, there’s a good chance you are already well aware of the areas of your life in which Resistance has taken up residence and put down some healthy roots.  You have no trouble manifesting good parking spots and are unstoppable when it comes to attracting great bargains at Costco, but when it comes to your mother-in-law, or your ability to make friends who don’t interrupt all your best stories, or the presence/absence of that Italian sports car in your garage, you will quickly notice that you have certain areas of your life in which Resistance is not-so-secretly running the show.

I would even wager that you already have a pretty good idea what to do in order to start healing, soothing, and melting your buddy Resistance.  If you are like most folks in the metaphysical/intentional community, you probably have more than one useful book on creating, manifesting, attracting.  You are attracted to Law of Attraction because you sense, innately, that it is the truth at the base of all things, and you’ve already noticed how much your thoughts and moods seem to influence who and what shows up around you.  You know that if you practiced ANY of the fine techniques recommended by those who seem to have a handle on this dynamic, you would probably start to see different results pretty quickly.

So what is it that keeps you piling the spiritual or self-help books on your shelf but not going deeper with any one of them?  What is that keeps you talking about prayer or meditation but keeps you from sitting down to discover what such practices might yield in your life? What keeps you busy jumping from class to workshop to weekend retreat, hoping to find the “thing” that’s finally going to fix what’s wrong with you for once and for all?  Or, conversely, what keeps you from attending a single class or workshop even though a part of you would very much like to show up and see what

it’s all about?  That’s correct, it’s Resistance, once again, that is resisting your urge to heal your Resistance.

Which is pretty sneaky of it, but as you have no doubt already heard, What You Resist Persists. 

Which means, I think, that if we truly want what we say we want, if we truly want to become what we claim to want to become, if we truly want to create the way we were designed to create, it’s time we became better friends with our Resistance and learn to work with it instead of against it, or even worse, for it.

So, this month we’ll be looking at Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and Resistance, and see where we can give ourselves permission to Break On Through to The Other Side.

Ellen Melko Moore

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