Law of Attraction Quote O’ The Day 4/10/15

Desire is that energy which brings forth all waves of creation out of the depth of the ocean itself.  And yet, who among you has not felt conflicted about desire? Who among you has not been taught that to desire is evil? who among you has not been taught not to desire to be great? Who among you has not been taught that the desire for material comfort is some sort of blot on the spiritual path? Look well within your soul and see if this is not true.”

from The Way of Mastery, The Shanti Christo Foundation


Can’t say it much plainer than this: If we want to use Law of Attraction in the way it is designed to be used, we have to heal our relationship with desire.

Until we heal that relationship, most of our life is going to be about surviving, and the truth is, we already know all we need to know about that.  No matter what unbelievably dismal things happen to us, or that we inflict upon others, or that others inflict upon us, we will inevitably survive them until our body has had just about enough of this crap and our soul is ready to abandon this sickening sack of chemicals and get back home already.

Now, there may be times in your life (and I know there have been plenty in mine) where you’re not at all sure you will survive, and just surviving sounds pretty good.  As my friend Marc used to say, “I’ve been bored out of my mind recently and that’s a big improvement for me.”

If you are in survival mode, Law of Attraction will happily bring you many more experiences you can just barely tolerate, but that is not why you are learning about Law of Attraction.  That is not what good Law of Attraction practice is for.

Learning, living, and loving Law of Attraction is about thriving, and in order to thrive, it is time to get really really passionate about your relationship to passion (yes, sexual passion does count, but I’m talking about all kinds of passion here).

Because of what we’ve been taught about desire, and because of how diligently we have trained ourselves not to desire “too much,” most of wind up living pretty impoverished lives.  And again, we’re talking about all kinds of poverty here.

Some of us do pretty well with money, for example, but are completely unresponsive when our desire tells us that we’d really like to earn even more and do a whole lot less, or rather,spend most of our time doing something we love and getting paid huge bank to do it.

Another common Law of Attraction poverty is friendship.  I am repeatedly amazed by how many people putter grimly through life without the benefit of good friendship, given or received.  Can we truly say that we’ve never desired to become a more connected, generous, and joyous friend? That we’ve never desired to commune with more fascinating and sympathetic friends?

Law of Attraction, you will remember (or so you ought, since I’m always yammering on about this point) always brings you more stuff that precisely matches the mixture of your thoughts.  So your job is to think more about what you want than about what you don’t want.

Your job is to get right into the heart of your desire, to wallow luxuriously in the feeling of receiving and enjoying exactly what would most please you.

Then, as possible choices for action come up, you act as quickly, decisively, and hopefully as you can currently manage.

As you begin to lose yourself in the pleasure of imagining what is on its way, you also begin to trust your desire as a magnet that automatically pulls in all kinds of gifts and ludicrous good fortune.   Give yourself a chance on this one, and, as they say in my twelve-step program, More Will Be Revealed.

Ellen Melko Moore

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