Law of Attraction Quote O’ The Day 4/9/15

Be honest with yourself.  How many times have you felt welling up within you the desire to be wealthy? What on earth has caused you to fear that desire? What has caused you to tie the hose into a knot, so that you try to block that desire from coming into manifestation?

. . . Have you ever had that feeling that you are putting more energy into staying constricted than you are into allowing expansion?

from The Way of Mastery, Shanti Christo Foundation

If you’ve ever been even remotely interested in Law of Attraction, chances are you are wondering about enhancing your possibilities when it comes to the Big Three desires.  Actually, even if you have never ever had any interest in Law of Attraction (until you came across this scintillating website, of course) chances are still good you are wanting improvement in your experience of the Big Three: Money, Love/Sex, and Your Body (having it look or feel or work better).

So this week I thought it might be good for us to have a little look-see at Law of Attraction and Desire, because when I talk to most of you (my readers, clients, and friends) and when I talk to myself, I notice that most of us tend to have a mostly problematic relationship with this very juicy experience we’re trying so hard to manifest.

Let’s consider Law of Attraction and our relationship with money for a moment.  Here’s a good basic quiz to evaluate that relationship.  Ready? Okay.  When you think about you and money, what is the first feeling that comes to your body?

Look inside and see if any parts of your body feel tight,  constricted, or vaguely uncomfortable in any way.  When I say, “You and Money. Go!”  Notice what happens to your face, your mouth, the area around your eyes.  Notice how you feel in your chest, your throat, or your back.

Are you sitting there grinning like a maniac with a warm golden glow of pleasure, joy, and gratitude radiating from your chest? No? Ye Gods! How very surprising!

If we want to know how we’re doing in relationship to what we desire, Law of Attraction-wise, there are two really reliable tests.  First, there’s what’s already manifested.  Either we have plenty of money or we don’t. That one is pretty straight forward, and I’m going to guess you could have figured it out without the benefit of my illustrious teachings.

But second, and even more importantly, there’s what we are in the process of manifesting or creating.  The mind can play tricks on us.  Even our own words can play tricks on us (“Yeah, I’m totally a money machine because I said so. I’m manifesting money like a mother****er right now.  Plus there was that one time I made a whole bunch of it.  You wanna fight about it?”)

But the body, thankfully, is infinitely more reliable. It will tell us the truth even when we don’t feel like hearing it.  However, it is extremely important to remember that that “truth” is only what’s happening at the moment, and with practice, we can totally turn that truth around.

If you take a moment to consider your early Law of Attraction attracting (the attracting of experiences you experienced before you had any freaking clue you were the one doing the attracting) you will probably identify some Points of Origin where you got totally gobsmacked and twisted over Not Having or Losing or Being Betrayed by the essence of the very thing you desire.

And so, not being an idiot, you quickly and wisely countered by deciding to protect yourself against that thing that was causing you pain.  If that thing was money, congratulations! You have now shared an experience with almost everyone in the known world!  Even the extremely wealthy.  Trust me–some of my wealthiest friends and clients have made themselves literally sick feeling like they themselves were nothing compared to their currency.

So, this week, we will be looking at ways to mend that relationship, to mend your relationship with all things you desire so deeply in your heart of hearts.  And good news for all you Law of Attraction fans, this stuff can get pretty easy with Law of Attraction on your side.

Of course, then there’s all of you who deeply fear easy things, but we’ll work on that, too, just so you can feel like you worked hard to make it easy.

Ellen Melko Moore

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