Law of Attraction Quotes & Tips 2/29/15

We cannot feel good about an imaginary future when we are busy feeling bad about an actual present.  But rather than recognizing that this is the inevitable result of the Reality First policy, we mistakenly assume that the future event is the cause of the unhappiness we feel when we think about it.

the secretOur confusion seems terribly obvious to those who are standing on the sidelines, saying things like, ‘You’re feeling low right now because Pa got drunk and fell off the porch, Ma went to jail for whupping Pa, and your pickup truck got repossessed–but everything will seem different next week and you’ll really wish you’d decided to go with us to the opera.’

At some level we recognize that our friends are probably right. Nonetheless, when we try to overlook, ignore, or set aside our current gloomy state and make a forecast about how we’ll feel tomorrow, we find that it’s a lot like trying to imagine the taste of marshmallow while chewing liver.”

Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, Stumbling on Happiness

Just in case you’re behind in reading your Daily Law of Attraction updates, I’ll catch you up to speed.

We have been spending a fabulous week with the words of the wise and hilarious psychologist Daniel Gilbert , and examining some quotes from his book from the lens of Law of Attraction.  His book is not about Law of Attraction, but rather about our often extremely unreliable ability to predict what will make us happy or miserable.

Still, as is often true in the Youniverse that is Metaphysical Land, it is funny how much one thing does, in fact, lead to another.  And the brilliant thing about Law of Attraction is that once you get interested in how much your thoughts are creating your things (instead of the other way around, as we usually unconsciously assume), you start to notice evidence for this almost everywhere you look.

Which many scientists would say is a false positive, simply the result of our maniacal urge to make everything agree or conform to our own belief system, tossing out all conflicting information wildly out the window.

And Law of Attraction would say, “Yes. Indeed. For all that can come to you is only what you allow to come through your thoughts. That’s it, buddy. Have a nice day.”

So when it comes to getting all worked up about our  Law of Attraction fiascoes–our manifesting and meditating and affirming Gone Wrong–it’s important to give ourselves some credit for even attempting to imagine marshmallow when we’re currently eating some seriously chewy liver.

I’ve got a client  who had to lose his job, his marriage, his health, and his freedom before he discovered that he was the common factor in all these experiences.  Once he got some Law of Attraction under his belt, he got real serious real quick about creating and maintaining the best mood he could.

However, since he is spending a great deal of every day dealing with the wreckage of his former way of doing things, he has plenty of golden opportunities to get sucked back into the Vortex of Suck that his previous consciousness had created. And then he blames himself for not being more positive or trusting.

But really, all that is happening is that he ate some liver, thought and talked about that liver a lot, and more liver kept coming.  Law of Attraction, being his servant, had no choice in the matter.

Now, he is turning his attention to marshmallow. And at first, just little bits and pieces of marshmallow show up.  All the marshmallow that can squeeze into the space currently occupied by mostly liver. But as he keeps practicing, that marshmallow is really going to flow like liquid sugary egg-white lava–once again, Law of Attraction must obey.

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