Law of Attraction Tips and Quote O’ The Day 4/3/15

“why are the powers of human imagination so easily humbled? This is, after all, the same imagination that produced space travel, gene therapy, the theory of relativity, and the Monty Python cheese-shop sketch.  Even the least imaginative among us can imagine things so wild and weird that our mothers would wash out heads out with soap if only they knew.”

Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, Stumbling on Happiness

Ah! The imagination! that essential Law of Attraction tool! The ability to envision things as the never yet have been but you intend them to be.  Good Stuff.

However. . .

Turn to your average Law of Attraction expert source and you will be told two important things to increase your Law of Attraction powers:

1.  Focus on what you want, imagine and feel this thing as already having happened, and let the Universe bring you the actual experience that matches the thought or visualization.

2. Accept that the Universe/Law of Attraction is bringing about this manifestation, and go about the rest of your day (or week, or month, or year, or life) as if this thing is on its way and you have no doubt about it whatsoever.

Now, this is fine Law of Attraction expert advice.  But, like most expert advice, there’s what we’re supposed to be doing and would be doing if we were slightly more willing, ambitious, and flexible versions of ourselves, and then there’s what we actually do when confronted with the reality of our current more limited and inhibited states of being.

(In my case, for example, you can tell me til the cows come home that I really do not need to re-invent the wheel each and every day.  And I will agree, smiling, but secretly I will seethe with your failure to appreciate the full extent of my genius.)

But back to Law of Attraction and Imagination, and how you get stuff you want but don’t currently have.  There are two common challenges with this Imagination thing that I see with myself, my friends, and my clients.

The first challenge is one you may have already complained about many times.  I know I do.  “How am I supposed to imagine something I’ve never experienced? How can I know what it feels like if I’ve never experienced it? I’m just not very creative.  I am no good at visualizing.”  Or the ever-popular, “I’m too upset/drained/worried right now to imagine myself on my luxury yacht sailing into the winds of adventure.”

Does it help at all to know that you are inherently DESIGNED to imagine? That creativity, flexibility, and playfulness are your birthright? That yes, it IS always a bit easier to look at something that is already happening (I don’t have to “manifest” the ability to buy Wheat Thins at Safeway, they just wait for me in eternal crunchy patient willingness) than to look at something which isn’t yet.

But it’s still no excuse to relinquish your God-given ability to imagine ever-greater possibilities of good for yourself and those you love.  It’s still no reason to ignore your inherent Law of Attraction Mastery and give up your right to pay attention to something you want.

Because everything that is, including Wheat Thins, is simply something someone gave enough attention to, and Voila! It pops into our experience.

The second Imagination issue (and this is a dark little sick Law of Attraction secret that gets ignored quite a bit) is what happens when we spend 15 minutes a day gloriously luxuriating in the feeling of our future desired state.  Meditating, visualizing, imagining, affirming, watching our Mind Movies, making our Visionboards, etc. etc.

And then we spend the other 23 hours 45 minutes being a jerk,, a victim, or just a rather uninspiring ho-hum version of our True Selves, waiting for the Universe to deliver our stuff.  “After all, Universe,” we say.  “I radiated the frequency of my new car for at least 10 minutes.  Now you want me to go compare prices online?  Are you nuts?”

So, in conclusion.  In order to start getting a lot of what you want from Law of Attraction, you need to extend your powers of Imagination.

Take multiple mini-breaks every day and take a ride on your gorgeous new yacht, car, horse, scooter, lover–what have you.  Keep building your ability to imagine and feel delicious experiences.

And then, for the rest of your awake time, do your best not to be an asshole or a martyr.  When you catch yourself suffering (loudly or quietly, depending on your style) do your best to take a deep breath and choose again.


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