The Power of Having a Positive Attitude

Oh Come Ye, Awakened Masters! Beware the Power of Having a Positive Attitude

Is it just me, or is this whole Positive Energy thing sweeping the globe and getting out of control? I’ve noticed that it’s starting to leak out in some very unexpected places. It seems almost everywhere I go I am encountering people who have discovered the power of having a positive attitude.
power-of-positive-thinkingThe other day I’m cruising on autopilot through my local Albertson’s, a grocery store that I’ve had a hard time enjoying with complete harmonious heartfelt joy ever since I saw a four-pack of Charmin on sale for $8.99. I mean, granted, it was the Ultrasoft variety, but still.

So I’m in the checkout line, deeply engrossed in Kim Kardashian’s upcoming wedding as chronicled by Us Weekly, when I hear a melodious voice calling in my direction. “Are you playing Yahtzee with us ma’am?”

I look up and the checkout girl gives me a smile of such radiant uplifting beauty that I actually drop my magazine. “Are you playing the Yahtzee game ma’am? Do you want me to include some tickets with your groceries today?”

“I don’t actually like scratch tickets cause I always wind up covered in all the silver goo.” I tell her. “But I’ll give them to my neighbor to scratch. She seventy-one and loves scratching things.”

“You might want to keep just a few for yourself,” she grins at me. “You never know when the Universe will finally respond to all those positive vibes you’re sending out. Have a nice day!”

I walk away, pleased, stunned, and baffled. How does the checkout girl at Albertson’s know I’m sending out positive vibes? Is it possible that my positive vibes are getting so loud that every vaguely intuitive person in the neighborhood is going to start winking at me? Is it going to be like when you’ve got an indoor cat in heat and all the outdoor cats yowl their little guts out under her balcony?

I realize it could be just me, because I do spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating positive vibes, positive energy, having a positive “attitude” (whatever that means, exactly) and the power of positive thoughts. And, as you students of quantum physics, metaphysics, and Law of Attraction are aware, whatever you give your attention to just keeps getting bigger and stronger. So I just keep getting more disgustingly positive each day, and then more positive things happen in my world for me to give my attention to. And then I feel more appreciation, which, is, after all, a positive feeling. Which contributes greatly to my having a positive attitude. It really is a vicious cycle.

I still feel vaguely (but positively) apologetic about this. I was raised by a parent who found my mostly relentlessly cheerful outlook exhausting. Actually, I’m the youngest kid, by a lot, so by the time I arrived on the scene, my mother had had years to grow disenchanted with the persistent cheeriness of my father, sister, and grandmother. In some ways, I was just kinda more of that same old crap for her. I love my mom a lot, so I did my best to work up an authentic vibration of sensitive introverted suffering, and for the most part, I succeeded. So, at least for the moment, there are always two Ellens rolling around in the mix—one that is happy much of the time and another that is deeply suspicious of that happiness.

I’ll let you know how that works out for me.

But that’s the beauty of becoming deeply engrossed in Law of Attraction, which is to say, deeply engrossed in the essential perfect fluidity of Reality Itself. If we are the creators of our own inner and outer kingdoms, then we get to take 100% responsibility for the balance of our thoughts. And if we are experiencing disharmony, we can always choose new thoughts that will produce utterly new outcomes.

This isn’t always easy. I personally love taking credit when my outcomes are positive. When I’m feeling peaceful, feeling loving, making love, making money, making a living doing what I love, then it’s all me and I’m all about it. When I’m feeling anxious, feeling poor, feeling “Poor Me,” experiencing “poor me” in the bank or the gym or the bedroom, then I can point to a thousand and one variables outside of me that are to blame. In essence, it’s your fault that this happened. It’s definitely my mother’s fault. It’s the economy, or my genetic inheritance, or the weather.

Take a moment today to notice what you take credit for and what you don’t. And I really want you to focus on that word, “credit.” Be brave and get truly present to where and how you assign credit for the conditions of your world. We are not talking about blame here. We’re not talking about making yourself wrong, or about making somebody else wrong. If you’re a human being, you’re probably doing enough of that already. This is something new to pay attention to. Who gets the credit for what you are observing, noticing, feeling, evaluating?

Law of Attraction says nothing can come to us without our invitation to it. We have to ask. We ask with our vibration, which is composed of the thoughts we are having over and over and over each and every day. We invite and draw things to us by the power of that vibration, and we also keep out everything that doesn’t match how we feel.

It’s a new day and I am already looking forward to going to Albertson’s to see my checkout girl. That gorgeous inviting smile tells me she has discovered something profound, which is that she gets to choose 100% of the credit for how life is feeling and showing up for her. She has discovered the power of having a positive attitude even when you’re bagging groceries for someone who can barely be bothered to put down her tabloid mag.

Depending on what you believe: she may or may not have chosen every detail of the life, the family, the neighborhood, the country, or the cultural beliefs she was born in to. My bet is that some serious yuck has already happened to her. But she is choosing her response, she is choosing her perspective. She is choosing her only true power—the power we all have—to choose a new reality any time we are willing to choose some new truths for ourselves.

She gave me such a profound gift with her words and her smile—store credit in a place I wasn’t looking for it. A miracle in the checkout aisle. I am so excited to discover whatever it is that I have to give back to her. I really want to knock her socks off with some totally over-the-top act of ridiculous generosity. Because that vibration she’s got going has earned it, fair and square.

Ellen Melko Moore

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